Fitness Memberships

Whatever your routine consists of Valley Fitness Center has something to accommodate your needs. Our group classes are energetic,fun, and challenging for all skill levels. We have extensive training programs including personal training and more advanced sports training. We also have an extensive lifting area including powerlifting platforms and squat racks. Our studio includes kettlebells, resistance bands and an array of different fitness equipment. Membership also includes a FREE fitness evaluation by one of our knowledgeable staff members.

In addition to our annual membership, we offer one, three, and six-month memberships and an automatic monthly payment plan. High school and college student discounts are available.

Valley Fitness Center is a full-service, 17,000-square gym overlooking the picturesque Farmington River. We feature more than 35 pieces of cardio equipment so you never have to wait to start your workout.

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This new year, it’s easier than ever to get in shape. When you have
apps like Updown Fitness and a membership to VFC to help you out.

Updown Fitness is a new app in the Google Play Store that acts as a personal trainer or coach, basically. Allowing you to exercise on your
own schedule (eliminating the “I don’t have time” excuse), and it has personalized workouts which are generated instantly, just for you

There are five workout types included in this app, and over 1500
available exercises. The five types of workouts included are Cardio, Strength, Cross, Core and Stretch. It’s a good idea to alternate between these each day (i.e. Cardio one day then Strength the next, etc) so your entire body gets in shape. Use our free weights and cardio equipment to achieve your own personal goals set up with this new FREE app
available at the Google Play Store.

Speak to one of our trainers for assistance with incorporating this new
tool with your new or existing workout routine.